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 The sad ending of goalkeepers and full-backs in amateurs

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 The sad ending of goalkeepers and full-backs in amateurs

The Promotion, Excellence and Serie D championships are subject to the now famous under rule which obliges the companies participating in these categories to field players under the age of 20 or less, depending on the case.

He immediately turned up his nose at the football purists but, at least in the first years of its implementation, that is at the end of the 1990s, some saw in it the possibility of giving new impetus to the growth and the revaluation of the young players.

Football, however, is a sport that lives exclusively on results and, soon, it was realized that deploying points, central defenders or midfielders too young was detrimental to the scoring goals in the various rankings.

Every social context adapts in a short time to a determined legislation and, in the case of football, the optimal solution was and is to deploy young players where they can do less damage, on goal and as full-backs. however this has caused enormous damage to the entire Italian football system.

If today the best goalkeeper we have in Italy is Donnarumma and if in the National team we line up on the bands of unknown emeritus, the fault is also in this regulation that practically destroys the careers of the boys used in such positions in the camp. Children who fall into the under category in amateurs are first courted and then, once they have passed the age, they are simply dumped as waste that no longer serves anyone.

Young goalkeepers and full-backs think, or are led to think, that if they make a good season they will have the possibility of being able to aspire to professionalism.

But the question that should be asked is: if I am young and good because I am not already in a professional company? maybe, let’s say maybe, only goalkeepers and full backs who win their respective championships will have the chance to become pro.

Nella most of the cases, and always if they play well and prove to be worth, these poor boys will continue to play for life in amateur championships and will slowly say goodbye to their dreams.

In some cases, instead, some young players suddenly decide to give up football, but how can you blame them?


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