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 The mental coach in football

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 The mental coach in football

Years ago the players needed the grammar teacher; on average they had the fifth grade and could hardly put together a syllabic poly sentence of complete meaning. But they were war machines, they thought only of the ball and had the right temper to play the Crimean war indifferently or play a football game.

Today the average level of education of the athletes has risen noticeably, many even call themselves doctors thanks to self-study courses they do on UniGoogle. For goodness sake we live in fast-paced times, but the big problem is that, basically, a football player should not think too much as he could risk losing sight of his mission, that is to run behind a ball.

In recent years he is taking more and more foot, among the professional figures operating in the world of football, the mental coach. The mental coach is the person who takes care of the mental aspect of the footballer, the one who tries to stimulate the athlete, that which tries to remove the mental obstacles of the player.

In Italy, as often happens, this professional figure is not yet outlined at a regulatory level and, for this reason, everyone can become mental coach. On the net there are innumerable “guru” advertisements that perform online or live training courses for this professional activity.

You have to be very careful because acting at a mental level, if done incorrectly, can cause indelible damage to the unfortunate users. There is a distinction to be made between the mental coach and the sports psychologist, the second can play the profession of the first but not vice versa.

Honestly we do not understand what a person who takes care of the mental aspect of a football player can understand who plays in the amateur championships, however everyone is free to do what he wants with his own money.

The speech is different for professionals who are subjected to enormous pressures and who can also risk mental collapse due to too much stress. to say that if one does not have the head to do the soccer player he should dedicate himself to something else !!!


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