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 The Bahrain scam

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 The Bahrain scam

The world of football is a place populated by subjects that can divide, paraphrasing the concept of a well-known Roman criminal, in three types:
1 – those who live in the world above, that is, who operate correctly and with moral rectitude;
2 – those who live in the middle world, who carry out their activities using stratagems that are at the limit of legality;
3 – those who live in the world below, who, perhaps driven by hunger or despair, use illegal methods to make ends meet.

If you hang out on the net looking for contacts or new football opportunities you might run into the famous SCAM OF BAHRAIN.
In practice, an agent sends you an email bragging about having sent for an unspecified team from Bahrain, or from another country in the Persian Gulf, for the search for players, look at the role.
Shoot figures at random about the promised salary and commission for agents offering footballers (attention, agents can also be victims of this scam).

At the end of the email they indicate a cost to be paid for obtaining a visa to travel to Bahrain, which in the email in the picture is 132 dinars, which is equivalent to more than 300 euros !!!

Notwithstanding that no one should ever pay to be paid later, in this kind of scams you have to be particularly careful as we are talking about countries where the concept of civil rights is at odds with that of Western states.
We all have the image of the skyscrapers of the Middle East countries, glistening and very high, but no one ever wonders who pulled these enormous buildings by hand.

It could happen, and it has happened, that once you arrive in Bahrain, after paying the 300 euros, there are two black men waiting for you who lead you and seize your passport.

At this point you are screwed and it could happen that they ask you to be a bricklayer for a few months to get the passport back and be able to go home.

So open eyes that skyscrapers are beautiful but need slaves to be built and if you are not careful slaves you could be!


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