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 The 5 craziest goalkeepers in history

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 The 5 craziest goalkeepers in history

The goalkeeper is the only soccer player who can, within the limits of the area, touch the ball with his hands.

He is a special player entrusted with the task of protecting his own goal.

Generally, on the street or in the teams of country, is put in the door the most stupid, the poorest or the one who does not want to run.

Sometimes it happens, however, that a goalkeeper is born, he feels goalkeeper, he wants to be a goalkeeper and it is in these cases that magic is born. we are born, we don’t become !!

They are usually heads that may have fallen from the cradle when they were born or that the gynecologist threw into the cradle at the time of birth, as a Fondi warehouse worker throws the watermelons into the boxes.

It is obvious that it is the most dangerous role of football and often the extreme defenders end up in the hospital.

Football fans end up, in many cases, to adore these crazy people who shout unspeakable things to their teammates.

People love this type of athletes who give everything for their team. There are goalkeepers who have remained more than others in the collective memory, goalkeepers who made history, porters who may not be the best but who have become legendary for the their attitudes and their way of playing.

Here are the 5 craziest goalkeepers in the history of football:

1 – René Higuita, a meter tall and an unlit cigarette butt, a mustache cop look and curly hair that today would risk being pounded by someone of casapound; famous his parade of the scorpion and his dribbling coming out of the ball from his door; mythological Higuita;

2 – José Luis Chilavert, Paraguayan, goal scorer who scored more than 60 goals in his career, of which more than 15 on a free kick, an extreme defender with the habit of rejecting his opponent, won little but his memory remains indelible,

3 – Fabien Bartez , he won practically everything in his career, goalkeeper of incredible agility, he remembers his rescues on the edge of the human and his bald head,

4 – Manuel Neuer, perhaps the strongest of all, the strongest of all time, with him it is played with one more man in attack and one more in defense; in career he also made mistakes but it is really phenomenal,

5 – Salvatore Soviero, played in a period in which the Italian goalkeepers were really of a superior level, famous for his epithet “to bucchin and mammt” through which he asked the attention of referees and players; endowed with a supra-human violence that allowed him to lead 10 people at the same time … still dangerous!!


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