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 Back to the crisis? To become a Mister you have to pay …

It is evident that the European economic system does not hold water and the macroeconomic data clearly show that in the Old Continent we are about to fall back into the black crisis. In Italy we prepare ourselves for the fall of the Government and to take over, in a mega inciucio, that Cottarelli, who…
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 The Bahrain scam

The world of football is a place populated by subjects that can divide, paraphrasing the concept of a well-known Roman criminal, in three types: 1 – those who live in the world above, that is, who operate correctly and with moral rectitude; 2 – those who live in the middle world, who carry out their…
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 “Obviously your ambition outweighed your talent” or when it’s time to stop playing

In the title the famous phrase Stoner told Valentino Rossi at the end of a motorcycle GP is quoted and it means: unfortunately your ambition surpasses your talent. This phrase marked the end of the Doctor’s winning career; unfortunately Valentino did not listen to the youngest and best performing adversary and continued and continues undaunted…
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All Envious of Wanda Nara

It is Now months that there is nothing else in the television programs and not football: Wanda Nara that prevents Icardi to continue his career in Inter, Wanda Nara who is thirsty for money, Wanda Nara who does the double game etcetera etc. All to criticize it but analyzing well the motivations of this terrible…
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North vs. South

Subscribe to myfootballmarket.com Chapter North vs. South For now, in the next season, only two teams from the South will play in the Serie A Championship. It is Not difficult to understand that by now the FIGC, taking its cue from national politics, is abandoning to its destiny the South of Italy. Lacking facilities (stadiums…
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The sports Director with the bag (empty)

Subscribe to myfootballmarket.com The sports Director with the bag (empty) Dear friends have you ever wondered how it is possible that a sports director, despite where he passes the teams back, fail or do mediocre championships, year after year are constantly able to find a new job? The game is simple, let’s call it the…
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Become a good coach

Register at myfotballmarket.com  Are you sure you’re the best coach possible? Absolutely safe? I Know and I’ve met many coaches. You know what I found? Some coaches put the pieces together and others simply use the coaching skills that make the difference. I Can’t turn you into a superstar coach, but I started with these…
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