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Interview with Mario Fontanella

your story, your passion, your market

Mario Fontanella, Class 1989, currently in force at the Floriana, one of the most important teams of the highest league of Serie A Maltese. A full-race striker, able to do both stages with extreme effectiveness.

1) Mario Fontanella, thank you for your time. How did you get passionate about football?

It's been my passion since I was a kid. I Played football everywhere, at home on the street… Passion handed down by my former footballer father, a great second tip.

2) Why did you decide to go to play abroad?

I played for many years in Serie D and C and in the last leagues in Italy I accumulated more than 80 goals, won a title of top scorer, made two playoffs in D and one in C and won a league of D but never served to rise in category. So at this point I decided to opt for Floriana (Malta). It seemed to Me the right choice to try to change my career given the presence of Riccardo Gaucci, a president aims at players independent from the category of provenance.

3) What are the main features of Maltese football?

Surely the level has increased especially for the rule of foreigners who from 3 have passed to 7 on my arrival in Malta. It proves the matches of Europa League and Champions. The Birkikara did not qualify with West Ham only for the rigors or the same my Floriana drew 3-3 with the Red Star in the return of the Europa League.

4) What are the technical characteristics of Mario Fontanella?

I am a second tip that always sticks the door. I Am a goal-making but also a lot of assists. I always Play for the team, maybe with a bit of selfishness plus I could make a lot more goals. Fortunately my features allow me to make more roles. In my first year of Floriana, where I won the title of top scorer with coach Lulù Oliveira, I played more from the first tip. While in these two years with Mister John German, with whom we won the Trophy and played the Europa League, more outdoor game. I Think that in modern football to play at large levels we should be able to do both phases and I think I have improved a lot on this aspect, also thanks to the movements that I learned, especially in these two years.

5) How do you Think the skill and luck in a footballer's career affect?

I think besides the skill you have to be lucky to find you in the right place at the right time. You Have to find an important person in the football world who believes in you and is not always easy.

6) Do You think one day to return to play in Italy?

There has been more than one offer to return to professionals in Italy, last calls in August of Sicula Leonzio, Fondi and Triestina, but together with the company we have always decided not to accept and continue the project Floriana. I am Now in the contract deadline, since it will end in June 2018. Let's see what the future will be for Mario Fontanella…

7) When will you stop playing do you think you are staying in the football world?

Definitely will. Although It is a difficult world, for me it is the most beautiful in the world. I Do not know in which clothes I will continue my career but surely I will stay in this area.

For me Mario Fontanella is a very strong footballer and a wonderful person.. Thanks for the interview

Thank You for the compliment! I just try to improve and give continuity which is the most important thing for a footballer.

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