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 how to live and consciously grow old

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 how to live and consciously grow old

Aging wouldn’t be so bad if others didn’t notice it when they meet us. While we hug each other, we shake the love handles on the other’s waist, the flab on their arms and the curvature on their cheeks. We look at each other in the face. It is inevitable! After all, only the saints do not find pleasure in the wrinkles of their peers.

We are not unforgivable sinners worthy to end up in hell; we are only checking how well we are holding. Estimating someone’s age and deciding how well that person cares about his age tells us a lot. Looking and feeling younger than the chronological age has increasingly become a measure of success. Concern for age is a reality for our rapidly aging society.

It is part of our curriculum and is just as important as our working documents. We can be justified in feeling dismay at aging, even scientists are perplexed by the lack of meaning of the process. Every biological event in the human body, from conception to puberty up to at maturity, it has a purpose other than aging. Aging makes no sense Today, researchers look for the gene that causes aging. If they find it, they will look for a pill to disable it, as if it were a virus. They face a daunting task. A cell, which is the simplest form of life, is more complex than Mexico City, the largest city in the world.

No gene or hormone is responsible for health and youth, it is the set of all cells and the organs that work together in complete harmony that prevents the body from cracking. What makes us think that we can stop aging simply by turning a switch in the body? The signs of deterioration that we consider the signs of aging are the result of a waste of cellular waste. When our actions are in contrast with nature, the results are the different types of bodily diseases, deformity and ugliness, even bad odor.

Eating denatured and devitalized food leaves residues that the body cannot dispose of or use and which are therefore deposited in places that our Creator had not imagined.

Whatever the body cannot use, it becomes toxic accumulation that steals our health and our youth. Body acids enter into chemical reactions with waste products that cause calcification of the soft tissue. Now the tissues of vital organs and glands are charged with mineral salts and crystalline deposits.

Overloaded with waste, not only can they no longer function normally but they also become more reactive to the force of gravity. Thus, each fabric stretches and curves, the drooping cheeks begin to rise on both sides of the mouth, and the eyebrows begin to hang on the eyes. External deformities are direct manifestations of internal pathologies. Bad cords of varicose veins, swollen faces and cellulite tell stories about your inner condition.

Every pimple, psoriasis or pigment on the skin is actually a reflection of some organ that struggles and struggles to do its job. Any swelling, boiling or swelling is a sign that the body is excreting some toxins in its effort to protect itself. Toxic accumulations in our bodies are responsible for the theft of our health and beauty.

Beauty is latent under cushions of retained liquids, fatty deposits and diseased tissues. Your beauty is buried alive, but in most cases it can be revived in a fairly satisfying version. Provided we take immediate action. Some physical characteristics of our face and body cannot change: they were determined before our birth.

But the consumption in the diet of raw fruit or vegetables as an adult will make the difference in the consistency of the skin and hair, in the health of nails, in weight and in the complexion. All these traits and many others are determined by daily choices, and food is one of the most important and, fortunately, what we can completely control. Since there can be no natural health without eating 100 percent natural food, the majority part of us has never experienced optimal health.

However, there are fools who support a diet consisting exclusively of raw fruit, which are then caught to feast on meat or fish, and one of these had to confess to having reached menopause at twenty years of age besides having had a whole series of other problems.

So we understand that if it is true that eating 100% natural food can help to counteract or delay some effects of aging, perennial youth is a perpetual dream.


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