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How Guardiola and Tiki Taka ruined the European football

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How Guardiola and Tiki Taka ruined the European football

Back from the bottom, the central defenders widen in place of the fullbacks, the median is lowered instead of the central ones, the wings are positioned low and the fullbacks by mezzal and the Tikitaka starts from the bottom; short passages high low or center side and then, once the space has been created, a longer passage is made, a field is gained and one starts again until they enter with the ball attached to the feet in the goal.

Everything is easy until you have Messi , Neymar, Iniesta, Xavi, David Silva, Gabriel Jesus, Aguero, Mazinga and Jig Robt D’acciao. Oddly the trainer that the Catalan Guardiola brings more in the heart is the mythological Carletto Mazzone who surely on several occasions will have told him: “grazie ar cazzo, Pep, is not too easy with Giaccherini, Candreva e Calabria”.

Unfortunately it has now come on a fashion and also in the second category, in indecent camps, coaches who feel kissed by the Lord do not do more long pitches to your team.

Let’s face the truth, we miss the good old football made up of head-splits in midfield, speed overlaps, Darione Hubner who lands his shoulder in front of the goalkeeper, d el cobra Tovalieri who makes a goal of robbery.

Football is and must also be this and not a mere tenacious show of jugglers.

How to best fight Tikitaka? Simply marking a man; clearly you need to have the right men to do it.

When the Tikitaka magically fails from Guardiola you become Prandelli and it can happen that you go out to the World Cup against Costa Rica.

It was the former coach of the national team that imported the game method into Italy the Catalan coach; with his Fiorentina he had deceived everyone, under the illusion of the painful figure we made for Brazil 2014. It is quite clear that, since Guardiola left Barcelona, ​​he has failed to win the Champions League.

The national championships win them all but it is also true that they always have the strongest team. On our part we can say that we hope for the end of this game philosophy; sometimes it is better to see a 0-0 by giving it to the midfield than a 5-3 result of errors in the setup phase!


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