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 Donnarumma is a scam?

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 Donnarumma is a scam?

Now a week yes and another one as well The young Gianluigi Donnarumma ends on the news or on the most important national sports newspapers for one reason or another.

This week he has combined it big, a handsome geek after 34 seconds of game which is cost the three points to his team.

The boy is young, many will say, but seeing the numbers he already has 134 appearances in Serie A, so for better or worse he has acquired a remarkable experience.

It is undoubtedly that on the low balls and with the ball between the feet the Milan goalkeeper has considerable technical gaps … the bad habit of jumping before lying down is now a defect that seems difficult to eliminate and his wide-legged posture makes the purists turn up their noses.

However it must be said that on the high exits and in the parades under the crossbar, in our opinion, it is one of the best in the world.

Football can be ruthless and it has often happened that young and promising goalkeepers have retired. ruined in the third series after committing some technical error in his youth.

Donnarumma was followed, as manager, by the best of all, by Mino Raiola.

Even in this case, the choice was not frowned upon by many fans.

After all, Raiola did his job exceptionally well and managed to get his client to get a top player engagement at the age of 19 It is obvious that even the media are often quite benevolent towards the Campanian boy, certainly they criticize him from time to time, but he is still the goalkeeper of the national team. to make the most skeptics think again after nothing short of disastrous performance.

If we go well to see our championships there is no doubt that Donnarumma is the best prospect for the future in his role.


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