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 Back to the crisis? To become a Mister you have to pay …

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 Back to the crisis? To become a Mister you have to pay …

It is evident that the European economic system does not hold water and the macroeconomic data clearly show that in the Old Continent we are about to fall back into the black crisis.

In Italy we prepare ourselves for the fall of the Government and to take over, in a mega inciucio, that Cottarelli, who left the window will return from the door. We have to make a tear and blood maneuver, we need the consensus of everyone or almost.

Football, of course, follows the trend of the economic system and if for a year things were improving with less failures than usual, fewer people of dubious morality, less cheaters around, we foresee for the next season the return to the old system of scams and various assholes.

One of the roles that will surely be affected by the incipient crisis is that of the coach. Many teams, to make ends meet, which in the end do not they will still compete, they will try to hire coaches with the sponsor. How do the coaches get the sponsor? Simple, the sponsor is themselves or worse the father-in-law.

The most cunning coaches obviously also know methods to recover what they give in “liberality” to the company they will train, however this is another argument.

Many complain that this is a illegal practice but not really so; certainly it is an incorrect practice but there is no rule that prohibits a member of a sports association from paying donations to it.

It is also true that in Italy there are now more coaches than football players and this implies very high competition in the role. had poor career as a footballer and hope to make up for it by sitting on the bench dreaming that the holy spirit, or Mourinho’s ass. go down on them.

Of course it would be nice that the students all become better than the teachers but it seems to me historically evident that it is not so. There is also a tariff, not regulated of course, for those, unknown, who wish to pursue the career of coach in the amateurs, just 10 thousand euros in excellence and 20 thousand in the 4 division.

There is a possibility for everyone, just pull out the grain!



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