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How Guardiola and Tiki Taka ruined the European football

Back from the bottom, the central defenders widen in place of the fullbacks, the median is lowered instead of the central ones, the wings are positioned low and the fullbacks by mezzal and the Tikitaka starts from the bottom; short passages high low or center side and then, once the space has been created, a…
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 The sad ending of goalkeepers and full-backs in amateurs

The Promotion, Excellence and Serie D championships are subject to the now famous under rule which obliges the companies participating in these categories to field players under the age of 20 or less, depending on the case. He immediately turned up his nose at the football purists but, at least in the first years of…
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 Back to the crisis? To become a Mister you have to pay …

It is evident that the European economic system does not hold water and the macroeconomic data clearly show that in the Old Continent we are about to fall back into the black crisis. In Italy we prepare ourselves for the fall of the Government and to take over, in a mega inciucio, that Cottarelli, who…
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 The mental coach in football

Years ago the players needed the grammar teacher; on average they had the fifth grade and could hardly put together a syllabic poly sentence of complete meaning. But they were war machines, they thought only of the ball and had the right temper to play the Crimean war indifferently or play a football game. Today…
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 The 5 craziest goalkeepers in history

The goalkeeper is the only soccer player who can, within the limits of the area, touch the ball with his hands. He is a special player entrusted with the task of protecting his own goal. Generally, on the street or in the teams of country, is put in the door the most stupid, the poorest…
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 The North Bend reject Icardi

Yesterday, Tuesday 2 April, the Inter Curva Nord communiqué arrived, putting an end to Mauro Icardi’s stay at Inter. Some will argue that Icardi still has a 3-year contract with the Nerazzurri team but, who understands in depth the mechanisms of the soccer world, he knows that once the fans, in general, and the ultras…
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 Donnarumma is a scam?

Now a week yes and another one as well The young Gianluigi Donnarumma ends on the news or on the most important national sports newspapers for one reason or another. This week he has combined it big, a handsome geek after 34 seconds of game which is cost the three points to his team. The…
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 The Bahrain scam

The world of football is a place populated by subjects that can divide, paraphrasing the concept of a well-known Roman criminal, in three types: 1 – those who live in the world above, that is, who operate correctly and with moral rectitude; 2 – those who live in the middle world, who carry out their…
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 Gattuso vs Salvini

Subscribe to myfootballmarket.com Italy is that wonderful place, using a euphemism of course, where it can happen that a coach of a soccer team and the interior minister, as well as deputy prime minister, have exchanges of views on how to manage Milan and, why not, on what is the best future of a nation…
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 How to choose a soccer team in the amateurs ligue

We have now reached the last matches of the season of the various amateur championships and soon the players will begin to think where to find accommodation for the next championship. For the more experienced, it will certainly be easier to identify the right football project in which to offer your football performance. For the…
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